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Bilingual CMS

The world wide web (www) has made it possible businesses to go global andcommunicate with people all around the world. Multilingual media initiatives allow you to communicate with customers via thier local language thus accessing multiple markets speacially the non-english speaking.

Your international/Localized marketing strategy can be very costeffective with us. When it comes to online strategies involving multilingual advertising/websites, we will look after all the key objectives and also the localisation and internationalisation of your campaign .


This signifies getting a website designed with a macro view, with the same to be localised at a later date. It is very important to structurize the website in a manner that it can be amended and refined to accomodate a variety of languages & cultures of your target audience. We use a customized open-source website content management system for creating multilingual website which utilises global templating system to maintain the unified look and feel of the website while switching the language of the content.


Localisation signifies translating the original website content and then dynamically customizing & presenting it in the style which appeals to the targeted audience. English cannot be used as teh sole language for all international marketing activities as, for example, 70% of the Europeans do not speak/read English & 65% of Indians do not Speak English.

By having localised content, you can reduce costs of multiple language marketing material, whilst expanding relationships with customers and employees speakign different languages all around the world .

By presenting websites in localised languages, your target audience will be four times as likely to buy products from you as a sence for personalised service will prevail. This will also enhance the probablities of people reading your website, hence eefctivily bringing down the bounce rate.

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