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EDI Solutions

Pixel offers you affordable EDI solution that utilizes the Internet, open standards and EDI software to enable you to conduct business transactions with your trading partners on all major VANs, as well as with users of other Internet and Intranet based EDI services.

With Pixel Electronic Data Exchange services your documents are sent via the Internet and they are routed to the respective trading partner, hence facilitating secure bi-directional electronic data interchange between respective partners using structured/standard document formatsnot limiting but including XML and EDI files (ANSI and EDIFACT standards). Business documents can be exchanged ( sent and received ) from legacy or Internetenabled applications and processed in batch or real-time modes.

Through the use of highly secure encryption technologies, ACCPAC Exchange protects both inbound and outbound EDI documents as they travel between you and your trading partner. ACCPAC Exchange manages the flow of information while providing 'non-repudiation' services – validating the origin of the documents you count on to run your business.

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