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Mobile Technology

Mobile computing allows people to use IT without being tied to a single location. Any business with staff that work away from the office can benefit from using it.

Whether you are travelling to meetings, out on sales calls, working from a client's site or from home, mobile devices - can help you keep in touch and make the most productive use of your time. You can use a range of devices to stay in touch including laptops, netbooks, personal digital assistants and 'third generation' (3G) smart phones.

Mobile devices can be enabled to use a variety of communications technologies such as:
  • wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) - a type of wireless local area network technology
  • Bluetooth - connects mobile devices wirelessly
  • 'third generation' (3G), global system for mobile communications (GSM) and general packet radio service (GPRS) data services - data networking services for mobile phones
  • dial-up services - data networking services using modems and telephone lines
  • virtual private networks - secure access to a private network
    It is therefore possible to network the mobile device to a home office or the internet while travelling.

Mobile computing can improve the service you offer your customers. For example, when meeting with customers you could access your customer relationship management system - over the internet - allowing you to update customer details whilst away from the office. Alternatively, you can enable customers to pay for services or goods without having to go to the till. For example, by using a wireless payment terminal diners can pay for their meal without leaving their table.

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