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Mobile Application

Mobile Applications Buisness does not restrict itself to just mobile phone whereas it now cover a very wide spectrum of gadgets such as Pda's, Netbooks, BlackBerrys, iPhones, Symbian OS,Windows Mobile, Android OS, Ipads, Galaxy Tabs and a lot more ...Every month more than 10 million smartphones are sold and on these gadgets the use of applications is not just limited for gaming or entertainment. For example over 15,000 applications were listed on the Iphone App Store withing just a month, fetching total downloads of about 500 Million. Somewhat simillar is the case with other mobile application distribution network , as per the latest available stats for the month of July 2011 blackberry apps world has 3,00,000+ downloads per day.

In view of the rapidly expanding mobile application userbase, campanies of diefferent industries like e-business, entertainment, social networking, travel, service and other categories are eyeying this targetted audience and are planning & building mobile applications.

Companies providing innovative applications with out of box user experience and robust functionality are gaining the most.With over 7 years of experience , Pixel has been a behind-the-scenes partner in mobile application development for many indian and international projects. Our experience and continous investment to maintain a competitive and a proficient team of application developers, enables us to build a robust architecture, conceptualize a good user interface and deploy good quality softwares.

Your organization can tap these Pixel capabilities to accelerate innovate, reduce risk and launch new mobile applications. Click Here to get in Touch

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