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Why Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing has become a permanent process of any business and widely accepted norm. Outsourcing has been a way of life and business since the human kind evolved. This is not a new phenomenon. Today when we talk about breaking all the regional barriers for greater access to new markets and expansion in new world, outsourcing helps companies in evolving better and matures their processes. Some time we misunderstand outsourcing as a tool to cut the internal cost, which is just one part of whole outsourcing idea.

Web Design and Web Development outsourcing

Internet has changed the way we use to communicate in a major way since 90's. IT and Software outsourcing has been a major key areas for various companies in USA and European countries. Today every major Internet giants like Google, Yahoo and IT Giants like IBM, Micosoft and others have established their research and development centers in India to tap the vast talented pool of IT professional in India.

Web Design and development has been a key area where outsourcing is being actively pursued. Cranberry since its inception has majorly focused on the area of offshore outsourcing and we have worked with various international clients directly and through out outsourcing partners based in USA and UK.

Few of the key ideas behind offshore outsourcing
  • Offshore Outsourcing will be a long term competitive benefit:
  • Offshore outsourcing will not only provide minimizing cost but also results in increased productivity.
  • Developed economies can concentrate more on their core strengths and core processes.
  • Spread new work culture which helps in similar work cultures.
  • Outsourcing helps in bringing new technologies and products faster in market.
Offshore outsourcing Methodology
  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Gathered Information evaluation and decision-making.
  • Contract development and signing.
  • Develop offshore outsourcing strategy.
  • Communication on regular basis along with the project status and transactions.
  • Project development management.
  • Testing and Implementation.
  • Maintenance and Support.
  • Maintaining long term business relationships.
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