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Warehouse Automation

The Pixel Warehouse Management System (PWMS) will elevate the methods and the quality of your stock management procedures.

Your business will extensively benefit due to many of its advanced functions like stock tracking, improved stock put-away, advanced item location search capabilities,centralised administrative management and order fulfilment.

With the system able to accurately track stock, spoilage and shrinkage costs shall drop and buffer inventory can be maintained.

PWMS is owned and developed locally hence we can be responsive to your special needs. If your warehouse automation needs are unique, we can develop specific enhancements or create additional reports to support your business.

The future of warehousing industry is bright. Intelligent and Robust warehouse systems will revolutionize the future operations. Ccustomer-driven operations with almost realtime availaibility of information. For success of any warehousing company, it is critical that they keep pace with the technology to provide simpler and robust procedures to its share holders from management systems enhancements.

In your efforts of computerization and automation of your warehouses, Pixel Webtech with its web based "Pixel Warehouse Management System" is ready to partner with you for mututal benefit of both the organization. Click Here to get in Touch

  • Integration with advanced RFID and bar coding techniques.
  • Complete integration of back-office with Order Entry, Purchase Orders modules and Inventory Control.
  • Enhanced e-commerce capabilities, including 3rd party store bridge.
  • Business-to-business electronic data interchange (EDI) support for communication with different operational partners
  • Scalability for accommodation of future business growth.
  • Automated Real-time inventory updates.
  • Advanced and cutomized reporting capability.
  • Support for multiple picking/delivery methods.
  • Eliminate errors due to paper work procedures and hence Increase procedural accuracy .
  • Feed multiple orders in one go.
  • Print Barcoded reciepts/slips on demand.
  • And much more.
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